Dark Fortress Studios
Services for independent filmakers

CGI, wardrobe and props at affordable rates

Our Team

Dark Fortress Studios provides several high-demand services for filmmakers, including high quality CGI, wardrobe design, set building and prop making.


We can help make your dreams come true with our CGI services. Whether your needs include entirely CGI sequences or seamless merging with live action film, we can meet your needs.


Our team includes a professional costume designer and seamstress. Whether your needs include off-the-shelf wardrobe services, or custom design and fitting, we can do it all.

Set building

We can meet your small-scale set building needs. We specialize in metal and plastics, and have extensive experience in futuristic and Sci-Fi set building. We can do setup on site, or rent studio space for small (20' x 40') sets.

Prop making

Dark Fortress Studios provides replica prop building services as well as new design and development. We can work with customers to build props to their look-and-feel needs, or to match a predetermined design. Our props are durable, detailed and of a quality few professional studios can match.

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