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Our Team

Our team at Dark Fortress Studios is universally committed to Independent film, and will help make your dreams a reality!

Kevin Klemmick - Owner, CGI Services

Kevin's experience comes from over 20 years developing computer games for companies such as MicroProse and SEGA.  Kevin is dedicated to meeting the needs of the San Francisco Independent Film community.

Catherine Fougere - CGI Services

Catherine's background comes from working at Sun Microsystems, and she has created some amazing work over the last few years for the San Francisco Independent Film Festival.

Richard Jacobson - Prop Making, Set Building

Richard has been building top-quality replica and original props for over 20 years. A graduate of the San Francisco Academy of Arts, he has been a constant source of local pride to the San Francisco prop making community.

Sara Sherman - Wardrobe

Sara has been producing high quality clothing and costuming for over 10 years, and has shown that no matter what the challenge is, she can come up with a low cost, durable and visually stunning solution.